The company, Bare Nature Raw Treats, was born as a result of my personal journey as a professional ironman triathlete to discover a natural and wholesome eating plan that would nourish my body for maximum performance in an extreme sport.  I discovered that what I ate determined the quality of my sporting performance.

Latest studies have shown that when foods are heated above 47 degrees most of the nutrients are denatured, leaving us to eat empty calories. All the Bare Nature Nutrition products are dehydrated below 46 degrees, therefore they are still considered raw, and all the nutrients are kept whole. Because all the ingredients are natural and raw our bodies recognise them, allowing them to be used in their entirety which gives us that fuller feeling for longer.

All our products  have no added sugar, nor preservatives. The bars and snack boxes have no grains in them either so they are naturally gluten free.

We can custom make any product according to dietary requirements or lifestyle needs.



These 60g/70g meal bars are great for an on-the-go meal for busy professionals, busy moms/dads, sportsmen (for pre or post workouts) and even children. They have just the right amount of sweetness to taste like a treat but have so many nutrients in them that your body has the nutritional requirements it needs for a few hours


 Baking makes me happy so I love taking our usual favourite cookies, muffins, breads etc and making them as healthy as possible. Our peanut butter cookies are definitely our best seller but the chocolate zucchini muffins (vegan friendly) are catching up quickly. I always say “if you going to have a cookie have a peanut butter cookie as you getting so much protein in it at the same time!”


These snack boxes contain a smaller 25g/30g version of our bigger meal bars. There are 20 small bars in each box and with our current 10 predesigned flavours you get 2 of each flavour. The best part is choosing which are your favourite flavour so we can custom make your next box! These little powerhouse snack bars are great for a mid morning or mid afternoon pick me up… They can be used to make smoothies or can taste like a guilt free dessert after a meal. If you are looking for a healthy snack during your training session, your cycle or run these are a great 2 or 3 bite size.


 You are either a peanut butter fan or you aren’t. If you fall under the latter group I’m afraid we can’t be friends : ) Our natural peanut butter has no added sugar and contains no stabilizer nor palm oils. they come in either crunchy or smooth and either a kg glass jar/tub or a 450g smaller glass jar. We even offer a credit if you return your jar/bucket to us as we upcycle all of them! This peanut butter is great in smoothies, with an apple or pretzel dipped in it or added to just about anything.


 This is where I get excited…being able to custom make any product we make according to your dietary needs, or lifestyle choice. You can design your own bar from start to finish where you can literally choose the ingredients that go into your bar. Or if you have some intolerances (like a gluten or lactose intolerance) we are able to assist by altering or substituting certain ingredients in our products. You can even tell me what your nutritional needs are and I can help design something for you!

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Hayley Barrett

The bars are so moreish - very tasty and filling. Will definitely be back for more

Ronelle Fortune

The bars are delicious! I highly recommend you try one. For a treat or a snack. It's really really good! I am definitely going to try all the products. 5 🌟 for sure!

Ulrike Kloppers

Absolutely love the snack bars and Peanut butter... everything is super delicious with the added bonus that it is good for you