As a mom I know the hassle of finding new, healthy snacks to give your child each day for school. I own an all natural nutrition business so I have had a few requests to make little packs for their kids for school and thought let me see who else I can help to ensure their children get the right nutrition to keep their tummy’s full but more importantly that their minds get nutrients to ensure learning is maximised.

We will deliver weekly (to ensure they are fresh) to your child’s nursery school/play school/school, or your house. It will be in a brown bag with their name on it that the teacher will give to them at snack time (lunch boxes can also be arranged on request and a slightly higher cost).

Each bag for the week will have different snacks in them from our natural chocolate brownie balls to baked pretzels and seasonal fruit etc. The contents will be changed constantly to keep them interested, and we can start custom making them according to the likes and dislikes of each child. No drinks will be included.

We can factor in allergies (eg: nut/gluten/dairy etc).

We would send out a list of what would be in each of the bags for the week for approval from the parents/teachers the week before.

The price for a week’s supply would be R100 (for 5 bags). Delivery to the nursery school would be included if 5 or more children were sign to up for the bags.

Examples of what might be included in the snack bag:

Meat- salami sticks, droe wors, biltong

Veggies- carrot sticks, celery sticks (with natural peanut butter to dip in), baked veggie chips, baby tomatoes, cucumber sticks

Fruit-seasonal, plus dehydrated ones (with no preservatives etc, just pure fruit dried)

Treats-choc brownie/other all natural balls/bars, trail mix, dried unsweetened cranberries, raisins, coconut and date balls, baked pretzels, rice cakes, corn cakes, popcorn.

Baked goods- sugar free, whole wheat cookies, all natural sugar free muffins, banana bread slice, zucchini bread slice, rice cake squares.

I can also provide these bars etc to adults, sportsman or any health conscious individual.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.