Bare Nature was started 9 years ago by Kathryn du Buisson. I was racing as a professional triathlete and realised that what foods I put into my body had such an impact on my energy levels during my training sessions but mainly on my recovery period. There was nothing on the market that was all natural, raw and contained ingredients I wanted to put into my body. I started doing a lot of research into what my body would respond the best to, played around with recipes and started noticing an amazing response in both my training sessions and races. Many of my training partners and friends started asking me to make them the treats and bars and Bare Nature was born.

It’s been an amazing experience seeing what my clients need, or the changing lifestyles trends and adapting my business to answer these needs.

My initial focus was the health industry, sportsmen and clients with special requirements but once I was a mom my products seemed to evolve into products that are more orientated to help busy working moms, fussy eaters or just those families who were conscious of what they were putting in their childrens and their own bodies.

We now have an amazing stall at the Bryanston Organic Market where we have been for 2 year. Connecting with like minded clients has been an amazing journey and pushed me to keep creating new bars, products and meals.

Jacksons real food market has continued to sell my natural peanut butter and we sell at a few other markets on the weekends but the clients I enjoy the most are the private clients that I can interact with.

Keys to success

Meet and exceed customers needs in terms of quality of food and excellence of service. Ensure all offerings of food and beverages taste amazing, and contain all the needed nutrients to maximise energy during the work day.

Executive summary

Bare Nature is a natural nutrition company that intends to serve amazing, tasty, healthy foods and snacks. I would like to change the perception of what healthy foods taste like, and ensure that we all give our bodies the maximum nutrients possible.


Sustainable energy throughout the whole day given by all natural foods.

Provide snacks and meals that contain nutritional ingredients.

To create a service based company whose primary goal is to exceed customers expectations of what healthy food can taste like, and the effect it has on your energy levels and concentration.

To create a welcoming environment in the canteen to encourage all staff to escape from work for a coffee or meal for a period of time. This will energise not only the body but the mind as well.


Bare Nature cafe’s mission is to change employees lifestyles starting with a basic approach to food. To influence the energy levels of all employees through natural snacks, meals and treats.